Thursday, January 31, 2008

I dig gradient

DKNY V Neck dress


I ♥ Kyoto T-cami and Peach Roses shoulder bag from

Whatever Anna Tsuchiya is wearing

I found these scans at Anna et Olivia. I am not sure what the brand of the dress is, the Japanese writing at the top left corner mentions DKNY and Justin Davis.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm a fan. And these humour me. Need I more reason?

Shirts designed by the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki/TVXQ

Walk the Geisha path

Bokuu Geta

I have no idea why I like this, but it speaks to me

Gouk x NAOTO pile arrival wind haori

I always wanted a shirt like this, now I get a hoody

Gouk cherry tree patch hood equipped haori

I hate black, I find it very depressing and only wear it on occasion when I want to hide myself. But I love these! Cute gothic lolita style!

H. Naoto Heaven GRIMM lace stall equipped dress, S Club Honey see-through look lace cardigan and DRR high neck knit cut sew


Soïa & Kyo coats Billy in Grey Hound's Tooth and Zelia in Moka Tartan


Vivienne Westwood Bird Logographic Sunglasses in Green and Star Jewellery Sunglasses in Champagne Yellow

I will somehow get a sexy feeling when I don these on rainy days

Vivienne Westwood Tartarn Check long Umbrella in Charcoal Grey and Plain Orb Long Umbrella in Beige

This is so damn cute!

Vivienne Westwood Gold Ribbon Purse in Sincere

Why does the japanese VW website have so much more?

Vivienne Westwood Round-neck cardigan with multi-coloured orb

Classy sporty

Nike Imaara Keeva watch with leather straps

I can't read without digital

Adistar Gt ADP1486 watch

I have a thing for unusual watches

Philippe Starck for Fossil Cross Digi watch in White

I've had the fortune of buying a watch from this site (which charged me a lot of customs), but I still want more...

Shinshoku watch from Tokyoflash

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tristan Blair shoes in Tiley TT500, W BT496 and Chick Shoe TLS493

The most hilarious tops I've ever come across

Locher's shirts in Good Luck, Motherfucker and Life is Fucked Up


American Apparel Opaque Two Color Pantyhose in Fluorescent Yellow/Coral and Lamé Legging in Boa Black, Lamé Silver, Lamé Gold and Lamé Copper.

My word

Threadless Ts: Moral of the Story, Poker Hand Values, A Cloud of Choices, The Scr-Emo, Happy Harvest and Fruit of the Negativitree.

I'm not a dress sort of person, but looking at this makes me want to atleast try it out

From C.Neeon's Love You Delicious SS08 collection

Love this top, but I don't know where to buy this either...

Top from Monn'Amur 3/30 Skullz & Diamondz collection by Friedia Niimura

These Ts are the coolest, sadly I don't know where to buy them...

UEG T-shirts from the Love Project

This is sexy

Hoon Jewellery Gunsta Necklace in Sterling Silver

More sportiness

Emperor Moth by Mia Shvili CBK 13 002 FT CJ7 tracksuit top

Miss Sporty

Naketano Kurt hooded dress in black/purple

I don't care if these are for guys, Osaka is hot

Sunbleach Osaka T-shirt in Yellow