Saturday, December 14, 2013

The most interesting Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I don't know where I'd wear half (all) of these, but I'd sure like to own them..
I actually like these, it's a cool combination of sandal and wedge. I want these, someone buy them for me.
Whoa, like, what?! Like, what? Though it would go well with a Halloween outfit.
On those nights I decide to walk down a sketchy alleyway, you will be my BFF.
Not meant for people who need orthotics, zero arch support and all.
I know it's a 'design' thing, but it just looks like someone cut some printing paper artfully and stuck it on. Maybe that's the inspiration behind this: cut-paper-cuz-I-was-bored-but-hey-let-me-glue-it-to-my-shoe-omg-it's-fab.
I like these too, the whole dragon thing totally does it for me.
Okay that's all I got. Dude's got some out there ideas. At least they are identifiable as shoes. At least they function as footwear, except that no arch one. That one looks like it'll introduce me to a new kind of foot pain, one I'd never like to know.