Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Old Navy love

Recently I've developed the habit of stopping by Old Navy everytime I go to the mall. This is kind of an addition to my routine H&M check, now I just have another store to wander around in when I'm bored and I feel like spending money (a syndrome of a society based on consumership?). They brought in new stuff! And I like a lot of them! And I want them! I need a credit-card-whipper-outter stopper. Thankfully, I had my mom with me, so I didn't grab everything anything. There, she's my stopper.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The perfect pair, so far

I'm not one to buy designer jeans. I had a pair a long time ago and I ripped through them within 6 months, in the most embarassing place to have a rip too (a.k.a. la crotch, so I couldn't wear it out and pretend it was cool or even moderately sexy, the world seeing my underwear is just... not right). Actually, pretty much any jeans I buy and wear, regardless of their price point they all seem to rip in the same region. You must be thinking wtf?. Here's the answer to all  your wonderings: I have the fattest thighs in the world. Okay no, maybe not the fattest, but they are quite chubby and this causes my jeans in that region to rub againt eachother, and eventually the friction causes the material to thin and thus they tear.

Therefore, investing in expensive jeans sounds like a stupid idea to me, hence I always buy them cheap, readily available and on sale. The problems with this is that I have to keep finding the pair that fits me the best and makes my ass look like an ass rather than pudding. I do find them, but sometimes the brand discontinues a certain style and that is when life becomes pantless, and annoying.

I've come to like Old Navy's styles a lot. They fit my idea of the perfect jeans (makes ass look like ass, check. Readily available and they keep making the style I like, check. Not $200, check. On sale a lot, check.) and I'm repeatedly buying them everytime I'm subjected to the holey nightmare. Lately they've been having a lot of sales, both online and in-store, and I've been giving them a lot of looooove/moolah. So this time, I bought three pairs of the Rock Star Jeggings instead of the one pair I usually buy. They say jeggings, but they are more like regular denim pants than leggings, trust me. They're just very very skinny, just how I like them, they stretch out and become normal skinnies though, give it a week.

Now you guys don't have to see me with no bottoms, at least for a while (or would you like that?).

I have an illness

Over the last couple of years, I've developed a huge obsession with Hello Kitty, and I don't know why. I know its cute and everything, but there's no further reasoning behind it, and I find this mildly sickening. I mean, I'm devoting all this time, money and other things (not really) to this... character (?), there should be more than just cuteness to make me go glaze-eyed everytime I spot an HK-something. Then again, the same thing could be said for cute men. Maybe there's an underlying meaning to it all and I'm just not quite grasping it. Wait, did I just compare HK and men? Lord, I've descended down to some incomprehensible level of humanity and I don't understand it. I needs saving.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Delusions... I has them

There's something about these Old Navy gingham printed shirts, I just want to wear them on a sunny warm day and go on a picnic on grassy lands by a lake, eat homemade tuna sandwiches, watch waves... They also make me want to sniff them everytime I see them in physically in Old Navy stores. Maybe I'm expecting to catch a whiff of sunshine and lake breeze and grass and sandwiches... yeah, not happening. I like these shirts anyway.


I quite like browsing through Hot Topic, physically and online. Their selection of bottoms look fun, not your average denim wear, but slightly more edgy. Actually scratch that, I don't know what other people's average is, the following might as well be someone's everyday wear, and in that case, those people have very fun bottoms.

Trusty jail sweater

I feel that the black and white striped sweater is a wardrobe staple for me. It is casual and easy to outfit with anything, and can suit the mood of many occassions. Okay, I'm not sure if it can be worn at a formal dinner party as I rarely go to one of those and can't imagine what I'd wear if I was ever invited to one, but still, with this piece I can imagine being in most environments comfortably and not feel out of place. Now why am I listing this in my "eventually to buy list" if its a staple for me? See, I have one, but over the last few years I've eaten and enjoyed many of Toronto's delicious food offerings, and I've also stuffed my face during the many all-nighters I've pulled finishing essays and studying for exams. So I've put on pounds, uh, kilos, on various parts of my body and my favourite sweater doesn't fit me anymore (booo). It's time for a new one! Here's some options I've come up with while googling (check here, here, here)... I'm leaning towards the thinner stripes, but the big broad ones appeal to me too... and I realize they are horizontal and I'm fat as it is, but I like these enough to not care about looking fatter. Not caring FTW!

(^not quite white, but for $9.95, its white enough!)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The idea of the necessary

You know the feeling, when you pass by something and you've only paid a slight glance at it, but at second glance you glue yourself to the shop window, or any other sort of barrier than keeps you from getting your paws on said 'it', and you get this feeling that you absolutely NEED that 'it' and you must walk away with it, no matter the circumstances or price, even though before you saw it you didn't even think you'd ever need something like this as it just didn't occur, but now that you've seen it, it's plain common sense to have it in your posession just because it is there and you simply need it and explaining the need is a little hard but why bother explaining anyway? That's the feeling I get when I saw this red hat and this leopard shirt from HereJ. I need these in my life. I will find these somewhere near me and then I will get it. It's just plain common sense.

Earth Princess

Looking at these Shakuhachi maxi dresses, I'm having fantasies of being some sort of a warrior earthy princess, ruler of soils (the actual soil, that comes from the ground, not some other weird thing that you may or may not be thinking about, in that case, pretend this bracket doesn't exist), being knowledgeable and intelligent, using my expertise to help people in need, fighting forces that endanger humanity. These dresses are so dreamy, I want them in all colours available (princesses need more than one dress right?).


These Lila Rice earrings are nice. I'd like to wear them. But I'm concerned for earring hole enlargement once these are on, I imagine myself to keep putting my fingers through the holes in the earring and pulling on them while being lost in thoughts, waiting for the bus, watching a hunky topless man working in his front lawn, having pervy ideas...


I don't quite wear tight bodycon dresses. I fear bits of my body would hang out and jiggle and prove to people that, yes, I am indeed fat. Actually, that isn't quite correct. I like bodycon dresses and I own them, and I 'sometimes' do wear them, but only with layers and layers of other things that hide the layers and layers of chubby that I've gathered on my body, which was indeed years and years of effort (ha). So while I was doing my routine task of stalking people on Facebook, an ad for RicketyRack showed up on the side area showing Kim Kardashian in one of their dresses. I'm not quite into Kim Kardashian either, but her near-fetishwear dress did grab my attention (now you know what I'm really into, hehe) and I decided to check out their dresses. The following are some pieces that I'd like to add to my collection of dresses-I'd-like-to-own-and-stare-at-but-not-necessarily-wear-but-maybe-I'll-wear-them (thus the title of this post).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cherise sorbet

I just got these Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Sticks today (no official link to these items unfortunately, maybe because they are limited edition?). They are lip balm-like lipsticks that don't really paint the lips but more like puts a stain on them, that doesn't really last, and sometimes doesn't quite show, but looks so cool because they are transparent. Uhm, that's my description of them in one badly constructed sentence. Do I like them? Hell yes! I said they look so cool didn't I? They're almost like sophisticated lip balms that smell awesome and taste bad. They do keep the lips hydrated for a long time though, and don't add megawatt shine, which I'm not really a fan of anyway. I like the touch of colour. And most of all, I like how I can see through it. I held all four up against the light, placed another object on the other side, and tested their transparency. They are transparent. Transparent things are cool.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality, can't find my camera)
(Credit and link me if you take the photo? Hmm?)