Friday, May 17, 2013

Aquafina Lip balm

I love this lip balm! That pretty much sums up how I feel about this lip balm. It's the best. Okay that's one more thing that spells out my feelings. I apply it at night before bed and it keeps my lips moist all night. It's amazing. I love the peppermint in it too, it makes my lips tingle, although sometimes my lips kind of go numb, but it's not too bad and definitely not a negative for me. I hope they never stop making it, or I won't know what to do with my life anymore :(

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baggu Bags

I've known about Baggu bags for a while now and have always found them adorable. Multiples in a range of colours stop me in my tracks okay? I'm weak like that lol. Anyway, visited their website recently and they have a lot more products than the original reusable Baggu bag now. The leathers and neon especially catch my interest. I wonder if any Baggu bags are stocked anywhere in Toronto so I can physically check them out.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet as Jelly Beans!

I absolutely LOVE jelly beans. It's so unhealthy, it's just sugar with some flavours added to it! But omg, it's sooo good! I could eat them all day. Just keep popping them in my mouth one after the other lol. I especially like the pink coloured ones which usually are berry flavours. One time I found strawberry cheesecake flavoured jelly beans and I was simply blown away. At that moment I felt there was nothing else in this world that could taste that good lol. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore in Toronto :(

This iPhone jelly beans cover is so adorable! And guess what? Totally guilt free since I'm not ingesting any sugary jelly beans (unless one day I "accidentally" start chewing on my phone cover, then you can charge me as guilty lol.. for phone eating :D).

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Miracle 10 Eye Treatment Review

I've never done any reviews on this blog before so I don't know how good of a review I can do, but I'm going to give it a try :D

In one short sentence: I like this eye cream. Before starting on this I wasn't really using any eye creams but as I get older (I'm in my mid 20s now) I feel I should start taking care of myself more and take precautions against aging and blah blah. I'm not too big on anti-aging stuff either as I have tried an anti-aging eye cream before from a reputable brand but I woke up next morning with REALLY PUFFY EYES! I couldn't even open my eyes properly, I guess the cream worked too well. I didn't leave home that day.

Back to this eye cream, when I bought it I specifically mentioned I don't want anything with anti-aging to the uh.. consulting sales lady (I don't know what to call them lol). She told me this keeps my eye area moisturized and plumped so new lines don't get a chance to set in. I also mentioned I'd like my dark circles to be reduced if not be gone, my dark circles are really really dark, I've been called panda several times so you get the picture :( The lady mentioned I could drink more water (I admit I don't drink nearly enough, water is gross lol) and apply this cream and the combo of the two would help lighten my panda circles.

I've been trying this cream for 6 months now, from Fall until the start of Spring (Spring is so delayed here in Toronto. Come on Spring, I want to stop wearing my jacket already!). I put it on twice daily once after washing my face in the morning and again before bedtime. I do think this eye cream has helped keep my eye area moisturized through the night as well as during the day. My skin tends to become slightly dry during winter (I have oily skin) and this has reduced the tightness by a quite a bit. The skin around my eyes is also softer now. Make-up goes on smoother too.

I have this something I call valleys under my eyes, which look a lot like Itachi's eyes from Naruto (you may google him if you don't know him) (I'm not an otaku, really! Maybe just a little bit :D). My valleys used to be quite deep and I don't like them. They emphasized my dark circles even more. Now my valleys are less sunken and more plumpy and my dark circles don't look quite as bad as they used to, which is awesome!

As for dark circles themselves, they aren't completely gone but I'm glad they are reduced. I followed the lady's advice and started drinking more water. I've also been sleeping a lot better than I used to (8-12 hours now compared to barely 4 hours before) (are you shocked I can sleep for 12 hours? I like sleeping okay!) I'm also less stressed now than before when I was in school. And I've been using this cream religiously (okay I lie, I forget sometimes). So due to the combination of all of these factors, my dark circles, and the general skin around my eyes has gotten a lot better. I doubt the darkness will ever disappear but I'm quite happy with how they are now and maybe they'll continue to get better?

Almost forgot to mention, I have really sensitive eyes (apparently). Most creams, or other things like mascara, make my eye sting and I look like I've been crying since my eyes are so red. This cream doesn't make me scream in pain (okay I don't really scream in pain, but the slight burning through out the day is annoying) and for that I'm quite thankful.

That's my review! Holy I typed a lot! But I guess in terms of skin care the more information there is the better. Hope you enjoyed it, dear reader :D

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hair Chalk

I want to try hair chalk this summer. It seems so fun looking and it doesn't require a commitment. Frankly I'm scared to dye my hair at all for fear of damage, breakage, baldness. So hair chalk just seems right. Now I just have to go find it, and try it on my dark hair, and try to not get chalk all over my clothes somehow..

I can't seem to pin point the sources of the pictures, so I've linked them to where I found them, click on images to go to Pinterest page.