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Monday, March 4, 2013


Another oldie but something I got recently is my new cat ear headband! I looove cats! Seriously, if I could mar.. okay no, but I love cats :D So I just had to get this one. Gosh, simply looking at it makes me really giddy. Can't wait to wear it out!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Creeper Jeeper

Another old trend that I'm diggin (I'm late okay! lol) are creepers. I've been meaning to get them and finally found a pair that are creeperish. I would've preffered some with the rugged edges but these were on sale and I could not resist :D


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An entertainment article

I just bought me this awesome toy. It's a toy. I will toy with it until I'm bored of it. Then I'll break it and be upset, because it was expensive, to me at this point of my life anyway. And pink. So I'll try not to get attached to it. But I can't help but name it. I shall call it... Perry. Not after Katy Perry but after berry. It rhymes see? Berry Perry perry berry. And Perry starts with the letter P, and so does pink! And I do like Katy Perry, so much, I named something I own after her, but it's not her real name right? Why is this starting to sound like a gossip website? I like Gossip Girl too.

I feel sooo lOooOopy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So emotional not really

I bought this H&M sweater yesterday when I went on an impulsive and very expensive shopping spree (I bought many other things too). When le life turns out to be very upsetting, you gotta let off steam somehow... that wasn't a very good excuse was it? Oh, my monieees... Fortunately this sweater didn't do too much damage on my credit card, $9.95's worth.

Maybe I should buy another sweater and shred the life out of it (*stab stab* why is everything so unfair, why why why? *continue stabbing*), and voila, a Rodarte-esque sweater. Now I can go out and show off my cheap-but-"expensive"-but-not-really-it-does-look-cheap-discarded-even sweater, a product of life sucking at times and me acting upon it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The perfect pair, so far

I'm not one to buy designer jeans. I had a pair a long time ago and I ripped through them within 6 months, in the most embarassing place to have a rip too (a.k.a. la crotch, so I couldn't wear it out and pretend it was cool or even moderately sexy, the world seeing my underwear is just... not right). Actually, pretty much any jeans I buy and wear, regardless of their price point they all seem to rip in the same region. You must be thinking wtf?. Here's the answer to all  your wonderings: I have the fattest thighs in the world. Okay no, maybe not the fattest, but they are quite chubby and this causes my jeans in that region to rub againt eachother, and eventually the friction causes the material to thin and thus they tear.

Therefore, investing in expensive jeans sounds like a stupid idea to me, hence I always buy them cheap, readily available and on sale. The problems with this is that I have to keep finding the pair that fits me the best and makes my ass look like an ass rather than pudding. I do find them, but sometimes the brand discontinues a certain style and that is when life becomes pantless, and annoying.

I've come to like Old Navy's styles a lot. They fit my idea of the perfect jeans (makes ass look like ass, check. Readily available and they keep making the style I like, check. Not $200, check. On sale a lot, check.) and I'm repeatedly buying them everytime I'm subjected to the holey nightmare. Lately they've been having a lot of sales, both online and in-store, and I've been giving them a lot of looooove/moolah. So this time, I bought three pairs of the Rock Star Jeggings instead of the one pair I usually buy. They say jeggings, but they are more like regular denim pants than leggings, trust me. They're just very very skinny, just how I like them, they stretch out and become normal skinnies though, give it a week.

Now you guys don't have to see me with no bottoms, at least for a while (or would you like that?).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cherise sorbet

I just got these Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Sticks today (no official link to these items unfortunately, maybe because they are limited edition?). They are lip balm-like lipsticks that don't really paint the lips but more like puts a stain on them, that doesn't really last, and sometimes doesn't quite show, but looks so cool because they are transparent. Uhm, that's my description of them in one badly constructed sentence. Do I like them? Hell yes! I said they look so cool didn't I? They're almost like sophisticated lip balms that smell awesome and taste bad. They do keep the lips hydrated for a long time though, and don't add megawatt shine, which I'm not really a fan of anyway. I like the touch of colour. And most of all, I like how I can see through it. I held all four up against the light, placed another object on the other side, and tested their transparency. They are transparent. Transparent things are cool.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality, can't find my camera)
(Credit and link me if you take the photo? Hmm?)

Bouncy bouncy!

I absolutely love Aussie's products. I get brilliant results that actually hold true to the claim with Aussie, even compared to expensive salon-exclusive products. This stuff works! This sounds like a commercial! So many exclamation marks!

Unfortunately, I can never find the type I'm looking for. It seems Wal-Mart or wherever I go stops stocking my favourite kind after the first time I buy it from there, so so far I've had no luck buying my Aussie faves more than twice (booo).

But now I don't have to worry anymore. I just discovered and it stocks Aussie including the types I want! And (could this get any better? I have tears), it comes with free Canada-wide shipping! Score! I'm so happy, I want to fill this entire post with exclamation marks! Like, one after every sentence I type!

So, using the brain and credit card I have, I placed my order right away. Ooohh, I shall have great hair again! The next time you see a person with awesome hair, it's gonna be me. Uh, okay no, that's, uh... please ignore that.


(couldn't resist!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

A little higher

Got these yesterday! I like that they actually fit my foot in terms of width and my foot goes in easy without struggle, so I didn't look like my foot was on fire when trying these on. And they have a stacked looking heel, so more balance and less wobble for me. And as always, H&M obsessed!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was wearing some crappy running shoes before, even during winter, the kind that slipped and squeaked everytime I stepped on snow. I really liked those running shoes even if they were falling apart from years of usage. But I absolutely hated them when I fell on my arse or face after skidding through unshovelled snow. I bought these Doc Martens last year for the exclusive purpose of snow stepping (plus they were on sale!). No more slip-n'-slide for moi!
(I tried finding a link for these shoes, but apparently they're discontinued).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

La Brogue (aka La B'day gift I got for moi)

I've been on the hunt for a good pair of these men's wear inspired shoes, for a very long time now. I've finally found a pair that's satisfactory in all senses: low(-er) price, simple style and supreme comfort. I've also become an H&M convert in the past year as I can't help visiting their stores for what feels like once a week. Its an addiction now, as my feet walk me to an H&M without my brain telling it to do so... Viva la H&M~~ 

Galaxy fantasy come true 5 (yes, I'm still on about it)

I've become a bit of a nail polish maniac in the past... sometime... I've always been a nail polish maniac now that I think about it. But as of late, my collection has grown huuuuge. They're actually stored neatly in boxes now instead of being randomly scattered around the house like it was before. I've even got a nail polish library thing going, with catalogues and stuff, the whole thing being very systematically handled. Except no one really 'signs out' bottles, its just me, the crazy nail polish lady. I've added Orly's Cosmic FX collection to the library just recently because, if its not evident already through "the list's" past posts of galaxy-themed things, I really like galaxy-themed things!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Matthew Williamson x H&M Summer collection

I hadn't posted about this before, was sort of busy. But here's the stuff I got at H&M this morning. The response from the crowd wasn't so big this time, lots of stuff left over at Eaton centre. Recession causing this?

The dress, the top, the t-shirt, and a shirt version of the last dress, the dress fit weird.

View entire men's and women's collections here.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Got me some...

Melissa black vinyl wedges! And they are bloody awesome! To anyone purchasing online, they run true to size.

Monday, February 16, 2009

On a whim

Bags from (most of 'em on sale now!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

This feels so perfect right now: Check

Kate Spade patent tote in black

Monday, February 25, 2008

I WILL hunt these down!

Sam Edelman booties

Friday, January 25, 2008

The ideal

Burberry Check Ballerina Flats.

Both of them. So so greedy... (Check)

Burberry Quilted Patent Travel Slippers & Storage Bag in Red and Burberry Quilted House Check Travel Slippers & Storage Bag in Icon/Tan.

All my mp3 players are broken and I do need a new cellphone... (Check)