Friday, December 28, 2012

Long time no post!

Really long time no post.. uh.. sorry.

I have been missing and I've no excuse :( I will try to do more posts here and there.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the whole world knows about Pinterest now, if you don't you need to go on the internet more. There's a Pinterest button, like, everywhere. At first I thought, gosh, another social media thing. It's hard to keep up with so platforms you know. But I feel Pinterest is quite different and makes pictures collecting so much easier and funner, something I've already been doing for so many years now. Except now I don't really need to store everything in my home PC, it's all pinned to an accessible online space which I can save to anywhere with an internet connection! Life made easier! This sounds like an advert for them but I'm writing about them purely out of my own interest and just because I like them. I do wish they'd pay me though (heh).

You can follow me on Pinterest here if you like :) I pin about random girly stuff like nail art, shoes, wigs, recently really into colourful tights, will pin more about other things as time goes obviously! If you're into what I'm into (lol), then you'll surely enjoy my boards :).

See you on Pinterest!