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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The most interesting Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I don't know where I'd wear half (all) of these, but I'd sure like to own them..
I actually like these, it's a cool combination of sandal and wedge. I want these, someone buy them for me.
Whoa, like, what?! Like, what? Though it would go well with a Halloween outfit.
On those nights I decide to walk down a sketchy alleyway, you will be my BFF.
Not meant for people who need orthotics, zero arch support and all.
I know it's a 'design' thing, but it just looks like someone cut some printing paper artfully and stuck it on. Maybe that's the inspiration behind this: cut-paper-cuz-I-was-bored-but-hey-let-me-glue-it-to-my-shoe-omg-it's-fab.
I like these too, the whole dragon thing totally does it for me.
Okay that's all I got. Dude's got some out there ideas. At least they are identifiable as shoes. At least they function as footwear, except that no arch one. That one looks like it'll introduce me to a new kind of foot pain, one I'd never like to know.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things I want but can never have..

The whole point of this blog is to list and elaborate about all the stuff I want. Yet there's stuff I can never have. I mean, I can have them but I don't think I should allow myself to. It'll be dangerous. For example these iPhone cases. JUST LOOK AT THEM! If I had one of these on me I'd always be hungry. Simply looking at my phone would make me salivate. Heck, looking at the pictures of these is making my tummy rumble. If I had one of these I'd always feel unsatisfied (apetite wise). I'll eat all the foods I can get my hands on. When I've finished everything edible (in the world), I'll become some sort of case eating freak. When that isn't enough, I'll probably proceed to devour everything (EVERYTHING) in sight. I'll become a monster!

Therefore I shall keep away from these awesome realistic food model iPhone cases. Case closed (bad pun).

Friday, September 2, 2011

A world where the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the hair is purple

I'm going to ahead and tell you that I'm kinda of an anime geek. I watch a lot of anime. I've been doing so for the past... forever, and I don't see signs of stopping soon so I guess I'll continue watching them. If you're familiar with anime, you'll know that sometimes, actually, a lot of times, the anime characters don't sport, uh, colour of hair that occur naturally, as in reality naturally, the world we live in naturally, an existence that is not two-dimensional and completely non-fictional naturally, human beings don't have ___ colour of hair from birth and said colour is not embedded in their genes naturally. I hope you get it, if you don't, you're beyond help.

Anyway. Since I can't grow such hair colour naturally as it doesn't exist in the human gene pool, and I'm not willing to bleach and fry my hair and get ___ hair colour, my options now would be to don on wigs of desired colour. I love the idea of colourful wigs actually. I can have whatever hair colour that I want and even achieve various hair styles. It's so easy and a lot of fun. I can be a different anime character each time. And then, one day, I'll completely believe I am a particular character, I will refuse to take my wig and costume off and be certain I genetically produce such hair colour. Then I'll fall in love with a bishounen (good looking guy) who is the student council president of our high school, but has many problems in his life, such as turning into a rat when hugging girls and being a part-time deathgod. Oh drama...

Anyway. Sorry for the ramble. On to le hair... (click on pic for respective eBay page)

Impersonation is a lot of hardwork

So to replicate Kyary's accessories look, I'm going to need these (click on each individual item listed to visit etsy page selling the item): star bobby pin, another star bobby pin, this star hair accessory thing with a dangly pearl chain (whoa, I actually found one that looked simiar to Kyary's!), bow clips x as many as you can get your hands on, star charms necklace, robot pendant necklace, a necklace with large colourful beads, large beaded bracelet, random food hair pins (just because it fits), random food charms bracelet (it fits too), throw in some neon too, some dolly lashes, super kawaiified nails, and I'm done! Impersonation complete! So now if you see someone who looks like the person in the previous post, it's me, Kyary.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Galaxyfantasycometrue 6?

I want to accessorize like Kyary: wear necklaces with star charms, put starry padded hair things in my hair, have big marbly pastel and neon bits hanging from my neck and hands, wear bow clips and dolly fake lashes, just because. It's kinda of galaxy themed right? It's adorable, or, uh, kawaiiiii. Click on photo to englarge!

(Picture source:


I'm sooo tempted to get a police man cap, and then wear it out along with a tight leather jacket and some supremely tight shiny leather pants. I'm gonna strut my stuff on the street like I represent... something awesome, pose everytime I come by a light post, look all smug and cool, suck on a lollipop. I'll chuckle the whole time I do it. Ah, maybe fishnets go better with the cap...

No, I won't do any of that. But seriously, I want a police man cap. It looks authoritative and commanding (not in the sense described above, above is a border-line fetish fantasy that is NOT mine!). While I may not actually have any authority over anything, I'll at least look the part and be impressive. Maybe the children on the street will buy that I'm indeed a police woman and understand the sentiment of me telling them to give me all their candy.

(Google Image generated pictures)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet sensation

This doesn't go under any sort of 'buy list' or anything, but it is related to making my life and body more comfortable and better in general. Whenever I'm bored and I don't have free wifi internet around to waste time on, I flick through various things on my iPhone, and I end up on the pictures I have saved on it. On some random day I decided to save these pictures on my phone, and I'm so glad I did as now I have something productive to do with my time than watch porn (that was a joke, did you get that? It was a joke.). So now I massage myself following the instructions listed on these charts. I don't know if they actually help in flowing my energy (from my breasts?), but I do feel good following instructions and rubbing myself for some reason (haha, you're so sick). I'll post these charts here so the rest of you can engage and gain the same pleasure as I do from doing these massages (again, you're so sick). Click to enlarge!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Longing for the crunchy

I have a big big sweet tooth. Like, big. Like, epic big. I eat less of the actual meal so I can binge on deserts. Deserts fo' life yo! Unfortunately this also gives diabetes, so I have to watch it (booo).

This honey-nut brittle thing looks so tasty. I can't guaranee I'll make it given my horrible kitchen skills. I just think the world deserves to know about this tasty little treat (can't you just taste it in your mouth by simply looking the the picture? Taste the honey man, and the smooth surface of nuts coated with honey. Now take a bite into the hard honey and feel the nuts crack between your teeth. Chew chew chew. Yum...).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The discostick stuff is getting to me

Emilio Pucci pants/leggings/bottom things (eBay listings).

This blog is not dead!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Galaxy fantasy come true 4 (if you squint real hard, it kinda looks like a galaxy, no?)

Ted Baker Printed Silk Vest Dress from ASOS (ASOS rampage happening right here)

Galaxy fantasy come true 3?

ASOS Galaxy Print Vest

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Galaxy fantasy come true 2

Diesel Starry print T-shirt dress from ASOS

Sorry for lack of updates. I just hate Septembers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009