Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If I could hold a furnace all the time, I would...

This Fall and Winter, I want to be warm and cozy. All over warm and cozy. These velvet slippers by Stubb & Wootton fit the description (not the bill though...). These leopard print ones by Lolu also look cozy and they have tassels. Tassels always make things more interesting (and unfortunately, these also doesn't fit the bill, my bill for the matter).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The fear of dying

I absolutely love these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. Uh, their look that is. I fear for my life, and my teeth (for some reason, I imagine myself falling head first when wearing heels and my teeth cracking on the pavement, oh shudder...), and hence, I probably won't ever bother with these. I do like to look at them though. Maybe this goes in my list of 'things I shall buy but not use but I'll own them because I simply can't resist them'.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Keeping up appearances

Lately, I feel this need to check my face out in the mirror a lot. I didn't do this before, but now I just need to see if my mustache has reappeared since my morning shave or not. Okay no, I don't grow hair at the speed of, uh, grass? But I do need to check if my concealer is in place, you know, just in case it migrated elsewhere from my mustache area. I have a mustache... Anyway, I don't like carrying too many things with me, especially when I'm working and can't lug my bag around with me. The only thing I carry with me would be my cell phone (which I didn't before either but people have been complaining about not reaching me so I've started to carry my phone, and now no one bothers looking for me). I had this urge to super glue a mirror to it, but I don't want to cause permanent damage to the thing that is pretty much the love of my life. So I Googled and voila, I came across these cases with mirrors on them, and other bling-tastic things. I like bling. These cases have a little too much bling on them, but they'll do, for now, since checking my reflection is just too important.

Looks and character, everything matters

I think I listen to music for about 70% of my day. The other 30% would be when I'm asleep and when I talk to people (does that give you an idea of how many conversations I have per day? Did I just give myself away to be a loner?). So I listen to music when I'm on a computer. I'm listening to music when I work (lenient work environment FTW, but I do want a better job). I listen to music to avoid people. When I eat, go to the bathroom. Pretty much anytime and everywhere.

I also appreciate nice-looking ear-phones. I liked the Gaga ones, but I don't really take care of my things, so I've ripped the wires of those within a few months (despite the rubberized flat wire tech thingy). I've had a couple more pretty ear-phones after that, they were either bad sounding (I REALLY care about sound quality, like, REALLY, but I don't like paying more than $50 for them), or bad construction. If only the following ear-phones (click on pic to go to eBay listing) came with nice sound quality (deep basses I like) along with their cute looks, I'd buy them all. But they don't so its a waste of hard-earned moolah. Ah, these characteristics are so comparable to all the men I've met so far...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ctrl Paste

These adhesive eyeliner patch things by Dior intrigue me. Make-up isn't really my thing. Even if I try to make it my thing it doesn't happen and I've given up hope. I can't really put on eyeliner either (yes, its true, its supposedly a basic thing, and I can't frikkin' do it *sad face*). I do put on concealer, but that's just so I don't scare people with my zombie face. So when I saw these in my Sephora e-newsletter (is that what it's called?), I was moderately interested in trying them out. Or atleast I'll wonder about how they might look on my eyes. Since they cost $59, I'll leave it to my imagination for now, to visualize my eyes with these adhesive eyeliner things. And ofcourse I'll stalk beauty blogs in hopes that one of them will try it out and put up pictures online. Then I'll proceed to live my life through them...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An entertainment article

I just bought me this awesome toy. It's a toy. I will toy with it until I'm bored of it. Then I'll break it and be upset, because it was expensive, to me at this point of my life anyway. And pink. So I'll try not to get attached to it. But I can't help but name it. I shall call it... Perry. Not after Katy Perry but after berry. It rhymes see? Berry Perry perry berry. And Perry starts with the letter P, and so does pink! And I do like Katy Perry, so much, I named something I own after her, but it's not her real name right? Why is this starting to sound like a gossip website? I like Gossip Girl too.

I feel sooo lOooOopy.

Friday, September 9, 2011

No straps

I know clutches are the statement making thing now, although I'm not quite sure what the statement is actually. I honestly don't really understand the clutch. It's so tiny. It doesn't fit anything. I suppose it's only meant for parties where you aren't supposed to carry your entire life with you but a lighter chicer version of it. But it's the size that throws me off. It's so frickin' small. My wallet is bigger than some of the clutches I've seen, and I absolutely need all the contents of my wallet wherever I go. Also, what's the difference between a clutch and a smaller bag with a strap attached to it to go over your shoulders? They're both small and fit nothing. And a wristlet? Is that just a clutch small bag thingy with a loopy thing attached to it. Its still small. The clutch does not fit my lifestyle and I cannot seem to accept it, even though its been so long since its, uh, popularized. So with this many complaints against the bag small, I've decided to never invest in one as it will simply sit there unused in my closet.

But all of this does not explain my desire for this particular handbag. Its essentially still a clutch, where there is no strap to dangle the bag from my arms, so I'd have to 'clutch' the bag in my palms in order to carry it around. The difference is, its bigger at 24 by 36 cm. So it does fit my life, and my wallet. Its still a clutch, but one that fits my life. Or its a fancy and expensive file folder, whichever way you want to see it. I like it either way.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brrrrr... ffrrrr... uuurrrr.... crrrr.... kkkkrrr....

I hate it when the whether changes suddenly. Just last Saturday it was sweltering hot. It was hot to the point of humidity, hot to the point of irritation, hot to the point of miserability (is this a word?). It was so hot, I went stupid, I was drunk (no I wasn't really), I felt a weird high that I had never felt before (this I did). All in all, it was hot.

And now it's fucking freezing! Everything is so dry. There's not a drop of moisture in the air. The wind is howling (okay, I'm not really sure of this as I haven't stepped out for the past 4 days, but it sure feels like it). My body is shivering. My hands are numbing. My spine is hurting. Or maybe I'm just still for too long.

Its so coooooooold. And I'm soooo looooonelyyyyyy. Come huuuuug meeee. My sweeet heaaaaaart.

Sorry, I don't knw what happened there. I started singing suddenly. My subconcious must think I'm desperate (in many ways), it made me act without the acknowledgement of my concious. If only it would do it more often when I'm outside my room rather than inside...

For now I shall wish for these Canada mittens to keep my near frostbitten fingers warm.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good ol'

I like to take care of my skin. Or so I like to think. I have a whole list of products (not a real list, more like a mental list) that I think of putting on my face. I have a whole system figured out, a protocol to follow, face wash, rub on toner, moisturize, some other things in between... But I don't actually follow through half of it. Usually after I wash my face, I forget to do everything else. Yeah really, that's how lazy and forgetful I am. Even if I remember to apply toner, my mind begins to wander and soon I'll go to sleep. Or maybe the moisturizer is just a few fingers too far away. I can't be bothered that much.

I learned something over the years though. No matter what else I do to my face, or rather what I don't do to my face, I always slather on Nivea cream (or creme) and I'm good to go! Mind you, I've got oily skin and I still layer on the Nivea despite its thick gooeyness which just adds more oil to my face. I usually do this at night so people don't have to be subjected to seeing a deep fried human on the run. In the morning, I wash my face with just water, and I've got soft smooth skin that is NOT oily but just hydrated, and since hydration is key (it is!), bad things don't happen quite as frequently, bad being the appearance of Mr. Zit and his more painful companion, Le Cyst. This works yo! And its cheap, so piling this stuff in multiple layers (about three times, once the whiteness disappears, I pile on another layer) does not hurt my poor Credit Card (I love you Credit Card, I love you).

Nivea Crème 400 ML (13.53 fl oz) Pack of 2

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dual Meanings

Now despite what I post here, I'm actually a very boring person. I don't wear star necklaces, gothic lolita outfits, or police man hats. I don't even wear a dress on a regular basis. So whatever I post here is all just what I wish I could be wearing. In truth, I'm just a t-shirt and jeans person. Or a some sort of top so I'm not just wearing a bra and pants so my butt isn't out for the world to see kinda person. This isn't because I'm lazy. Okay, its partly because I'm lazy. But its mostly because... actually I don't know, I should be able to dress how I want to dress regardless of the environment I live in and what life demands out of me. Not mad crazy braving the cold in -43 degree celcius wearing a bikini dressing, or showing up in the same attire in a church dressing, but dress more freely and worry less about life.

Well, right now I want to wear this Batman t-shirt. I don't particularly like or care for Batman, but I do find the design very intriguing. You see, it's a bat, sure, but it could also be teeth! Oohh...

Friday, September 2, 2011

A world where the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the hair is purple

I'm going to ahead and tell you that I'm kinda of an anime geek. I watch a lot of anime. I've been doing so for the past... forever, and I don't see signs of stopping soon so I guess I'll continue watching them. If you're familiar with anime, you'll know that sometimes, actually, a lot of times, the anime characters don't sport, uh, colour of hair that occur naturally, as in reality naturally, the world we live in naturally, an existence that is not two-dimensional and completely non-fictional naturally, human beings don't have ___ colour of hair from birth and said colour is not embedded in their genes naturally. I hope you get it, if you don't, you're beyond help.

Anyway. Since I can't grow such hair colour naturally as it doesn't exist in the human gene pool, and I'm not willing to bleach and fry my hair and get ___ hair colour, my options now would be to don on wigs of desired colour. I love the idea of colourful wigs actually. I can have whatever hair colour that I want and even achieve various hair styles. It's so easy and a lot of fun. I can be a different anime character each time. And then, one day, I'll completely believe I am a particular character, I will refuse to take my wig and costume off and be certain I genetically produce such hair colour. Then I'll fall in love with a bishounen (good looking guy) who is the student council president of our high school, but has many problems in his life, such as turning into a rat when hugging girls and being a part-time deathgod. Oh drama...

Anyway. Sorry for the ramble. On to le hair... (click on pic for respective eBay page)

Impersonation is a lot of hardwork

So to replicate Kyary's accessories look, I'm going to need these (click on each individual item listed to visit etsy page selling the item): star bobby pin, another star bobby pin, this star hair accessory thing with a dangly pearl chain (whoa, I actually found one that looked simiar to Kyary's!), bow clips x as many as you can get your hands on, star charms necklace, robot pendant necklace, a necklace with large colourful beads, large beaded bracelet, random food hair pins (just because it fits), random food charms bracelet (it fits too), throw in some neon too, some dolly lashes, super kawaiified nails, and I'm done! Impersonation complete! So now if you see someone who looks like the person in the previous post, it's me, Kyary.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Galaxyfantasycometrue 6?

I want to accessorize like Kyary: wear necklaces with star charms, put starry padded hair things in my hair, have big marbly pastel and neon bits hanging from my neck and hands, wear bow clips and dolly fake lashes, just because. It's kinda of galaxy themed right? It's adorable, or, uh, kawaiiiii. Click on photo to englarge!

(Picture source:


I like cats. A lot. I'm not allowed to keep one, and to be honest, I'm a little scared of them when they are out in the open. But I do want to touch them, cuddle them, be them... That's when clothing and accessories like these from Mint Neko come in handy: a kitteh print dress to declare my love, faux fur kitteh bag to pet whenever I want kitteh love, and a hoodie with kitteh ears, to pretend to be the cutest kitteh you've ever seen (go on, picture me, [or someone else since you don't know what I look like], saying "I'm a cute kitteh~ neeaouu~" *paw paw pose pose big starry eyes that twinkle*).


I have those days, you know, the days when I want to dress up like a gothic princess, being all dark and worshipper-of-darkness-y. And also days when I want to look like I make beds in some rich French person's house (it is French right? Correct me if I'm wrong please!). As long as there are frills, and loads of it on me... All clothes featured below from h.NAOTO.