Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alien Toes

Whenever I wear these socks and I happen to be shoeless, I turn a lot of heads. Then I do the toe stretch where I fan out my toes and flex them back and forth, that definitely freaks a few people out! And I have a lot of fun seeing people's reactions, it's a weird hobby of mine :D.

All from eBay. Click on image or the link below for item page.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soft Cute Steps

Recently I've been rather obsessed with house slippers, CUTE house slippers. I live in Canada and it is freezing here right now. My heating system is not exactly fabulous either (read: I have to wear a sweater robe at home to keep warm, two blankets to sleep, other measures..). Or maybe I just feel extra cold all the time..

I never really thought of wearing footwear at home though, I mean, I have to wear them when I go outside, I thought I'd like my feet to be free of all fabric when I'm at home. But then I bought my first pair of house slippers, and omg! The fabric is so soft, the slippers themselves are so light and airy. I didn't feel like I was wearing anything at all. But most important of all, it was sooo warm~~!!

Now I've started to make an eBay list of all the house slippers I want when my current slippers are out of shape (and I can't wait for that to happen). Click on image to take you to item page.

Mameshiba Pamyu Pamyu (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Mameshiba collaboration) slippers

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Captured Flutters

It escapes me how I never discovered these before. Resin flower bracelets are so freakin' beautiful! They look like flowers, leaves, other particles that were blowing in the wind were captured and frozen like a photograph, except the flowers and other stuff are real and you can wear the frozen time capsule on your wrists (or wherever else you prefer). I'm absolutely in awe with these things, I must get these, or make my own (which I'm really tempted to try!). Few etsy pieces I'm obsessed with!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Kawaii deshou?!

So.. while I wasn't posting anything here for the past year and half I wasn't exactly dead. I tried doing some creative designing and have fun while I'm at it. I started a Zazzle Store, namely Kawaii Deshou?! which translates to "isn't it cute?" in Japanese. I create kawaii designs on T-shirt, mugs, buttons, gosh, on so many more items. You name it, it's there!

Here are some of my designs. Click on the image to go to item page. Click here for more kawaiiness!

Kawaii Red Bow
 RabuRabu (Love Love)
Kawaii Smiley Heart

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Japanese wigs

It's a sad truth but I'm suffering from major hairloss. I have for a while now. It's been a struggle for around 5 years. Thing is, I'm too young to be balding! I'm not even 30 yet (not that you should bald at 30 either). It makes me so sad to have 70% less hair than what I had when I was a teenager.

Another sad truth that I am trying to accept is that, this is going to continue and I'm most likely never getting my hair back again. At least not its former glory. I used to have really thick hair, to the point that hair stylist would struggle cutting it and it would literally take hours, but now it takes a mere half hour to cut and style.

Enough sadfest! Now being not so old, and looking even younger (I'm told so anyway), I still want to channel some of the trendy haircuts out there. I read (uh.. flip through) Japanese magazines a lot and the gyaru hairstyles fascinate me! Unfortunately I don't have the hair for them anymore but no worries, wigs to the rescue!

There's quite a few brands out there. The ones I've discovered are Loves Wig and Prisila. The wigs look beautiful and are very current with their styles. And there's lots and lots of options available! And so many colours to choose from. I'm not too into the blonde and lighter shades as I don't think they'd match my skin tone so I'm leaning towards the darker shades, but even so, lots to choose from, it's mind bloggling and very exciting!

Here's a few of my favourites. I've also started a board on Pinterest for wigs so take a look there too!